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-MagicWorkstation, the official site where you can find the software to play NetRunner online.

-MagicWorkstation Forum, the official MWS forum, where you can ask if you have concern regarding the software.

-MWSGames, a WikiPedia site where you can find a lot of MWS resources, guides, and other game packs.

-NetRunner-L , Wizards of the Coast's NetRunner mailing list.

-Netrunneronline, a recent website where you can upload your Netrunner card collection.

-Netrunner on BoardgameGeek, you can give the game 10 credits there.

-Big Frackin' Guide is probably the best software for keeping track of your collection; this update was created by Ryan Seney and includes the latest rulings.

-The Black Sun, home of the Ottawa city grid, is one of those nodes which have still been quite active in the last years.

-Euromarket Consortium, just click on the 'content' link to be able to read a lot of interesting articles about this wonderful game.

-NetRunner Central, one of the few still active sites, which publishes Top Runners' Quarterly, the official NetRunner fanzine.

-The Short Circuit is one of the historical NetRunner sites. Contains a lot of interesting informations, including the Interactive Rulebook mirrored on this site.

-Top Runners' Conference, the old official NetRunner players organization. It hasn't been updated in a long time however.

-Argi's NetRunner Krumz, another great site, where the Repeat Intrusion Patterns virtual set borned. It contains a lot of interesting articles with guidelines to design new cards and balance their power.

-NetRunner Card Database, as the name implies, is a complete databse of all NetRunner cards, and also includes some article which focus on certain ones.

-Skip Pickle's NetRunner Site contains the spoiler of the Chrysalid Matrix virtual set.

-NetRunner Online, contains a lot of information about both NetRunner and the MWS patch to play it online.

-NetRunner Card Trading, a still very active site to trade, sell and buy NetRunner cards.

-NetRunner Info contains not only some information about NetRunner, but also articles about Cyberpunk in general.

-Neal's Last Words contains very interesting articles. It hasn't been updated in a long time, but what you can find here is top quality material.

-The TRAP! is a site where you can find a lot of interesting and unusual deck list, like the first turn kill Corporation.

-NetRunner Master Hub is one of the most active Yahoo groups that talks about this game.

-NetRunnerFrance, the french organization of NetRunner players.

-TRC Cell Lists, a page with links to all NetRunner's nodes; many of them are dead links now, but it's the real kernel of the NetRunner community. Among them the most interesting are Cologne City Grid, Durban City Grid, Chicago City Grid, Paris City Grid, Lausanne City Grid.