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Netrunner Golden Rules

If a player suffers a penalty and can't fulfill that penalty (is forced to spend more bits than possible, trash more cards than possible, etc.), then that player must meet the conditions as far as possible and ignore conditions or parts of conditions that he or she can't fulfill. However, being required to forgo more actions than are left in the turn does not count as a penalty that can't be fulfilled: a player simply forgoes actions on succeeding turns until enough actions have been forgone.

If a player can't meet the cost, or any other requirements stated on the card, to perform a function or play a card, the player cannot perform that function or play that card.

Cards to be trashed or discarded are chosen one at a time, either randomly or by the player initiating the trashing or discarding, as appropriate, and then are sent to the appropriate discard pile.

The effects of cards are cumulative, as applicable, unless the cards specify otherwise.

A counter placed on a card is removed from the game if the card it is placed on leaves play.

"Immediately" means before any other action is taken in the game.

If multiple events take place at the same time, the player whose turn it is chooses the order of those events.

Deckmaster Golden Rules

After the game, players take back all the cards they began the game with. No cards actually change ownership during the course of the game.

Whenever cards conflict with the rules, the cards take precedence.

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