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Sometimes a Corporation card will do damage to you. There are three types of damage. Net damage is damage done in netspace. Meat damage is damage done outside netspace--for instance, by a hired leg-breaker the Corp sends to adjust your attitude. Brain damage is, well, brain damage and is generally caused by the meaner forms of black ice. Each point of damage, regardless of type, results in the loss of a random card from your hand. brain damage has the added effect of reducing your maximum hand size permanently by 1 for each point you suffer. (You may want to use counters to keep track of brain damage.) Other than that, the only difference between the types of damage is the cards that prevent them. For example, Net or brain damage might be stopped by a Force Shield program, while Meat damage might be prevented by a Bodyguard. If you prevent all damage from an effect that causes damage, you are considered not to have been damaged at all by that effect.

If damage causes you to discard more cards than are in your hand, or if you have a maximum hand size of less than 0 at the end of your turn, then you are flatlined and have lost the game. If you take damage while liberating agenda, first resolve the damage, and if you survive, then score the agenda.

Note that if brain damage reduces your maximum hand size to 0, you are not automatically out of the game. You can still hold cards (for a little while), since you, like the Corp, normally only discard down to your maximum hand size at the end of the turn.

Sometimes the best solution to a problem is to remove the problem, permanently. Unfortunately, we can only deal damage to the Runner during a run (via ice, nodes, and so on), or through certain card effects if we have a tag on the Runner.

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